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How to promote your job?

How to promote your job?

Tracking your project!

Latest worldwide activity

An excellent customised lifting solution focuses on two points: one is the matchability with actual workshop condition, another is help to achieve the customer's expectations of work, two points are creating our great ideas to design an different and excellent solution.

POT system aims to save the customer's labor and trouble for a project, we are updating the project info online everyday and make weekly report, you can check the production, test, transportation and installation progress and download documentation easily everywhere without requesting on supplier.

About Us

Nucleon supplies a scope of overhead crane & hoist products, gantry crane, mobile boat hoist and portal jib crane,offshore crane, RMG, RTG, MHC series and other customized lifting equipment, is a high technology and most advanced manafacturer & services supplier in R&D, Design, Manufacture, Installation, Equipment services of lifting equipment in globe market located in China.

NUCLEON was born as a Sino-Singapore  joint venture, grow up under a rich, creative and high-tech sky, is an energetic manufacturer and service supplier, which is one of leader of in tech R&D, equipment, productivity, source and service system around of world. Now in order to help more user to achieve their goal inside workshop and  outdoor as the most advanced & famous brand of lifting equipment in China, we are updating a series of online services for reducing your labor and troubles, so that you can finish your project and push work very easy. Welcome to share your ideas with us, let's do more excellent job together!

Equipment Room
  • Double Girder Overhead Crane
  • Single Girder Overhead Crane
  • Electric Wire Rope Hoist
  • Mobile Boat Hoist, Mobile Boat Hauler
Supply the global lifting euqipment services with Ideal Quality and makes customer enjoy a Perfect Experience in industrial activity.