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(RMG) Gantry Crane

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(RMG) Gantry Crane (RMG) Gantry Crane(RMG) Gantry Crane(RMG) Gantry Crane(RMG) Gantry Crane(RMG) Gantry Crane


(RMG) Gantry Crane

نموذج: NG

Structure: Double beam

Hoist model: open winch trolley

Capacity (tons): 10~350

Span (m): 10~55

Hoisting height (m): 5.0~65

Outreach (m): 1.5~5.0

Spreader: customised

Handling object: steel plate, concrete material, equipment

Working grade: A5, A6, A7

Classification: IACS

Certificate: ISO,CE

Control: Cabin & wireless

Standard: FEM

Production cycle: 60~90 days

Warranty: 18 months

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F.E.M. Standard Gantry Crane


Gantry crane usually also called RMG crane, is crane with a hoist traveling along the railway. Double girder gantry crane is a crane with two girders for heavy load 5.0~300 tons. Gantry crane are designed to meet the industrial requirements from light to heavy lifting requirements, covering all parts of the manufacturing area and process and goods transportation.

Nucleon gantry cranes offer both standard cranes and advanced services system. Are designed as Europe F.E.M. standard. Nucleon RMG cranes consist of a wide range of cranes including hoisting winch with lifting capacity up to 350 tons, Open winch trolley hoists up to 350 tons as as well as cranes specifically designed for hazardous environments and anti-explosion condition. With our overhead crane system you will have total control over material handling in your production process.


Cranes designed to adapt to your facility


Nucleon FEM standard Gantry Cranes are good at in using the available space of your factor. Our industrial gantry cranes are available to be equipped with an hoisting winch and more, also equipped with grab and special customed spreader. Also is available to install on your existing railways. They are typically used in general manufacturing, assembly, workshops, warehouse, automotive, pulp & paper, mining, power, waste to energy and steel industries for various purposes.

Advanced overhead crane services system


Project tracking is from the beginning of a project you will enjoy easy control and tracking services with our active production report, progress renews and delivery plan. Usually we will packaged cranes into standard containers including spares parts, that make you get an easy transportation in your city. Detailed installation manual and operation manual will be supplied with a series of technical drawings.

Site inspection is supplied freely by our practical team based on actual demand. We will send project manager and engineers to inspection your yard and existing facility to design a most available solution.

Site installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance training for our overhead cranes will be supplied, usually it takes 10~15 days for one gantry crane under 20t capacity, and maximum 30 days for a heavy capacity gantry crane. If it is more than one set crane, we will make one installation plan based on saving time and cost for customer.

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