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Crane is special lifting equipment with many international compulsory standard, requires a crane owns high safety performance and operation safety as we all know. But for most of suppliers, the services items show their inadequacy in service mind. So that to choose a good services supplier will make the buyer enjoy a better experience in whole project.




       1.1  Free site inspection

For efficient product design, accurate hoisting solution

and available installation plan, we supply site inspection

support freely for necessary situation to ensure all details

precise and high cost-efficiency.

       1. 2 Product Drawing Design

After professional confirmation of main technical info,

our engineers will work on product drawing design,

and delivery it to customer for checking, during this

checking period we will discuss and revise the design

details until 100% valid for customer.

       1.3 General Solution

Including project quotation, Technical specification,

Standard equipment doc, General drawing and

Installation Services will be supplied as an entire

project solution.





       2.1 Weekly production report

       2.2 Inspection report for parts procurement

       2.3 Flaw detection

Supply official welding flaw detection and submit to


       2.4 Third party inspection

Based on request of customer, we can invite or cooperate

with third party from customer for whole production

supervision and management.

       2.5 FAT-Factory acceptance test

The engineers from customer or third party will be invited

 to inspect the whole equipment test.

       2.6 Quality report

Comprehensive equipment quality report will be made

and submitted.



       3. DELIVERY


       3.1 Packaging

The hydraulic system, electronics, and important

mechanism parts will be packed into sealed wooden

case, the main structure will be sealed against bad

weather and uncertain impact.

       3.2 Shipping

As one of our services, we cooperate with strong

forwarder for worldwide shipping business, and we

can supply FOB, CIF, DDP, DDU to help customer

to handle business.

       3.3 Documentation

Complete documents including BL,CO, CI, Warranty

Certificate, Manual, Drawings and other related

documents will be supplied in time actively.

       3.4 Installation solution

During shipping period, the installation plan will

be finished and submitted.