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The ND wire rope hoist gear motor developed and designed accord to F.E.M. standard in NUCLEON, with closed type transmission system. When working, the transmission gear sock in the lubricating oil to prolong the service life and reduce the noise. The reducer gear, made of low alloy 20CrNiMo, is processed through cemented quenching and gear grinding. The teeth with hardness more than 60HRC, can meet the requirements of hardened-gear reducer. The reducer adopts 10 years maintenance-free design with gears accuracy more than grade 6.


The lifting motor adopts squirrel-cage cylindrical dual-speed 2/12 pole braking motor with low vibration and noise, which can get fast speed and slow speed with ratio 6:1. The combination of fast speed and slow speed can achieve fast and convenient operation as well as precise positioning. The continuous operation duration factor of motor shall be no less than 60%. The insulation grade of motor is F and protection grade no less than IP54, completed with overheating protection and alarm function. The motor enclosure, made of aluminum ally, adopts drawing forming with excellent heat dissipation performance.