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The working of the Self-Climbing Wind Power Maintenance Crane

The Self-Climbing Wind Power Maintenance Crane Commissioning Operation is Successful


Recently, the Self-climbing type of wind power maintenance crane have been commissioning successfully in Nucleon company east area, which is research and development by Nucleon. It will change the way to use traditional device-large-scale crawler crane to maintenance wind driven generator, also it can be reduce the maintenance cost and promote wind power industry vigorous development.

In recent years, along with the global warming, new energy industry develops rapidly, the wind power as a green energy sources is the fastest-growing field. By the end of 2014, China had the top position installed capacity of wind power in the world, it is be the 31.01% of the world. Come along with the maintenance intervals for wind power maintenance, much attention has recently been paid to the wind power maintenance in the industry. At present ,the wind power maintenance is using integral lifting method by device-large-scale crawler crane, it needs long maintenance cycle and high cost. In order to solve this important factor which restrict the development of wind power industry, the engineers from Nucleon have been surveyed the wind-power manufacturing in China and abroad, by comparing with the status of wind-power and energy maintenance industry, they organized professional designers to discuss the new theory by Triz and then make the design scheme with detailed analyze about its advantages and disadvantages, also the security risk during use. According to this design they trial-manufacture the sample one   and commissioning successful recently.


This new self-climbing wind power maintenance crane mainly is composed of four major sections: climbing system with adaptive clamping without damage, lifting system with high winding folding, hydraulic system and electrical control system. Climbing system use four arms device which made of special polymer material contact with wind power tower drum, in increasing the friction between them and minimize damage to the tower drum at the same time, when it works 4 groups arms device divides into two equal groups and climb the whole tower drum by telescopic cylinder. Lifting system is composed of winch、rotation mechanism、flexible and amplitude device etc., it can be moved horizontally and vertically, rotation mechanism and flexible & amplitude device are convenient to transport the whole machine while it can be achieve the aim of all-around working.

Using two sets of variable proportion hydraulic system not only improved its whole security, but also can be reduce energy consumption and security risks, that guarantees the reliable operation of the whole equipment. At present, this new product has been declared 4 utility model patents and 1 national invention patent.


The promoted application of self-climbing wind power maintenance crane will reduce the time and cost of the maintenance, it will overthrow the traditions maintenance way and will have a hugely positive effect on the vigorous development of the global wind power industry.