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For boat transfer in shipyard for launching, repair or manufacture,  the mobile boat hoist is the prefered equipment, it owns rubber tyre and with excellent turning function of 90°, also can slewing at pivot point of machine center by 360°。

Model: WBH mobile boat hoist


Mobile boat hoist usually also called mobile boat hauler, boat crane, boat transfer crane or boat travel lift, are often used in shipyard, fishing port for the transfer of ship and vessels from dock to shipyard or warehouse and in turn, also used in shipyard for building of boats.



  Mobile Boat Hoist, Boat Crane Solution


FAT- Factory acceptance test site


Mobile boat hoist-WBH300


WBH300 Mobile Boat Hoist


Before test, we will invite the engineer's team from customer to inspect working condition during test, after successful FAT test, we will pack the crane and shipped to customer's yard.