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Third Party Certification Services


1.  Production Supervisor from third party


     + based on customer's request, we can invite the international supervisor for the whole period of production, quality control and test.

     + also we accept the superisor to check in our factory from customer's arrangement, we will strictly work as the superisor's requirements untill satisfied.


2. Engineers Supervision from customer


     + usually, we will invite the engineers team from customer to visit us and inspect and supervise our production, quality and test, it's important and necessary to understand each other and prepare the commissioning and trainning services.


3. Third Party Certicication


     + CE

     + SGS

     + IACS (CCS, BV, ABS, DNV, LR),this is for the lifting equipment and crane used in floating dock,floating crane, ship and vessel and offshore platform.

     + Invoice certificate, Warranty Certificate

     + Special certicication requirements


4.  Certificate of Origin


     + CO

     + FROM A 

     + FORM B   (for Bangladesh, India, Laos, South Korea and Sri Lanka)  

     + FORM E   (for ASEAN - Association of Southeast Asian Nations)

     + FROM N  ( for New Zealand)

     + FORM X  (for Singapore)


Note: if you have more questions for your project, please contact with us, thanks for cooperation!