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Mobile Boat Hoist, Mobile Boat Hauler

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Mobile Boat Hoist Mobile Boat HoistMobile Boat HoistMobile Boat HoistMobile Boat HoistMobile Boat HoistMobile Boat HoistMobile Boat HoistMobile Boat Hoist


Mobile Boat Hoist

Mobile Boat Hoist


Capacity (tons): 30~150~600~800

Span (m): 3.5~16

Hoisting height (m): 3~18

Handling object: boat/ship

Working grade: A3/A4/A5

Certificate: CE

Control: cabin & wireless

Standard: GB,ISO,CE

Production cycle: 120~160 days

Warranty: 1.5years & 3.0 years for structure

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Mobile boat hoist usually also called mobile boat hauler, boat crane, boat transfer crane or boat travel lift, are often used in shipyard, fishing port for the transfer of ship and vessels from dock to shipyard or warehouse and in turn, also used in shipyard for building of boats. The Boat Hoist Crane includes the following items: main structure, traveling wheel block, hoisting mechanism, steering mechanism, hydraulic transmission system, electric control system, the main structure for the “匚”type , it can transfer the boat which the height surpass its height.


According to different requirements, the Boat Hoist Crane can handling different weight of boat or yacht (30T-800T) from the shore side, can be used for the maintenance in yard and can put the new boat into sea. It adopts the soft belt to lift the boat against surface damage.

Sketch of Mobile Boat Hoist


    Boat Travel Lift Main Characteristic

Main characteristic of the boat lifts


For the crane traveling, it can move in diagonal direction, it also can steering in 90 degree, can put the boat in any designated position according to requirements. It can adjust the width of the main girder according to the boat in case to handling different side boat.

The mobile boat hoist owns the performance of low expense, high performance, easy to operate and maintenance and so on. Low cost on the daily operation, it adopts the soft and firm belt to ensure there is no harm to the boat when hoisting.


Steering mode of mobile boat hoist


Details:  straight movement, transversal movement, 90° steering and 360° pivot sturing.


Boat Crane Advantages

Boat Lift Advantages

Our mobile boar hoist crane is electric drive with diesel generator with high performance and easier control. It is the best succedaneum for previous hydraulic mobile hauler in the market. And that leads to 40% cost reduce compared with hydraulic model. Now is more and more and more popular for shipyard marketing to change the previous choice.

Standard Equipment for boat hoist

Electro-hydraulic drive system

Full frequency conversion

Stepless, easy speed control

Safe redar system for boat transfer

Dismountable design for transportation

Torque indicator & monitor

Full sets of safety limit system

1.5 year warranty & 3 year for structure

Spare parts for two years

  Options for mobile boat hoist

  Adjustable height and width

  All wheel drive

  Grade ability (from 2.5%~15%)

  Changes in lowering below dock level

  Additional lighting system

  Installation in factory & shipping whole crane



Designed to adapt your actual demanding


We can design MOBILE BOAT HOIST crane based on the actual condition in shipyard, and is flexible design in variable frequency, intelligent control, installation and shipping. And we supply the best installation and shipping solution to save cost for customer.     


Advanced mobile boat hoist crane services system


Project tracking is from the beginning of a project you will enjoy easy control and tracking services with our active production report, progress renews and delivery plan. Usually we will packaged cranes into standard containers or onto bulk cargo ship with dismountable design, that make you get an easy transportation in your city. Detailed installation manual and operation manual will be supplied with a series of technical drawings.

Site inspection is supplied freely by our practical team based on actual demand. We will send project manager and engineers to inspection your shipyard or port site and existing facility to design a most available solution.

Site installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance training for our mobile boat hoist crane will be supplied, usually it takes 15~30 days for one mobile boat hoist under 150t capacity, and maximum 60 days for a heavy capacity shipyard mobile boat hoist crane. We will make one installation plan based on saving time and cost for customer. The material, equipment and labor list will be detailed in this installation plan, after the installation plan confirmed, we will send our installation team with technical team to your yard to finish this project.

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